Sunday, December 19, 2010

Progress Report!

That is what my blog is about, right??

It was definitely a SLOW start here at the model home!

The economy in Columbia for real estate has been a relaxed one, and with the Christmas holiday approaching I'm guessing most people would rather wait until after the festivities to purchase a home. I personally think this could be a good plan on paper, IF you stick to it. Some people may use their credit cards to buy gifts, in return running up their credit limit, and that can affect them for a few months to come. Pushing their purchase back a few more months.

I myself have been blessed with finding good leads, and converting them into sales. Whether immediate or a few months out. With the New Year coming I would love to go out and dance the night away while screaming FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE! We all know why I can't at this point; I have not hit a million in sales, yet. I'm fairly confident that I may reach this goal before the New Year, or come VERY close to it! I've got a few things in the iron, and I learned from experience to not prematurely celebrate!

Sorry about the length of the blog, I think your eyes probably needed a break!  I'm setting up for a meeting on tomorrow so that's always a challenge. I have to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. Like a detail folder with all the information I think the person may want. Being that this is a Realtor based lead I have never met or talked to this person before. So I just put generic things in their folder, oppose to specific things (like school information, they may not have school aged kids). Also making sure ALL the information I give out is accurate, prices may change overnight so its never a good thing when you're wrong on something like that!

So wish me luck! :)

-Premature Millionaire