Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smiles come few and far between, even though I'm living out what USED to be my dream...

My true smiles come few and far between, even though I'm living out what used to be my dream. There's a sad connotation with that, there shouldn't be. My dreams have just blossomed. So, no need to dwell on what WAS my goal because I've already achieved it. NOW its time to mark something else on my bucket list, I'm working on Mogul.

What was the dream?

That’s simple, be a real estate agent. The dream was simple because my mind frame was. I had been exposed to greatness on a small level, so the possibility of wanting more never clicked until I saw more.

Where did the dream come from?

That's fairly simple. A show named "Girlfriends" used to come on weekly whose premise was 4 women living in L.A. dealing with issues and building a bond. One "girlfriends" name was Toni (my name), she was beautiful, had a Range Rover (the car I adored) and sold Real Estate. She rarely worked, but would wear amazing clothes, was very popular and always had money. Who wouldn’t this lifestyle appeal to?? You do nothing and get money? SIGN ME UP!

Then (in high school) the "dream" seemed obtainable, although it may be a little hard. To make money selling homes seemed easy, until I got a few internships, then it seemed hard, then I became a full time student and then it became impossible! Maintaining school, a part time job and attempting to find clients in a downward sloping economy was not the easiest feat.

I suppose during my time at school I attempted to "find myself". I haphazardly stated that I wanted to become a fashion student at the local university or even go to an Art Institute (mind you I had never had an inclination into fashion). After realizing that I was pretending to be interested in something that seemed more “hip” at the time I thought about business school. I like marketing, right?? Well kinda [sic]. IF I went to business school what kind of job would I like to pursue afterwards, real estate. So it made no logical sense to spend 2 years learning something that I could already do. So I reverted to my first "dream".

I joined a new company, and started pursuing real estate full time, along with school. At that time I knew that JUST selling homes wouldn’t afford me the things I desire in life (I've been told I have expensive taste). So THEN the dream began to evolve.

So, right NOW I'm doing EXACTLY what I imagine myself doing when I left high school ( I am missing a Million dollars though, but that will come in due time). Why aren’t I happy then? Once you accomplish a goal there is supposed to be a moment where the stars align and every one claps for you, YOU'RE THE WINNER!

I haven’t gotten that, and I believe it’s because the dream was so non ambitious that it’s somewhat insignificant. Not to downplay my accomplishments, but there have been MANY people in this same exact seat that have been of lesser value. So from now on I dream big, or I'm going home! In my last entry I alluded to something brewing with my wants in this career. My next step is to become a licensed residential contractor. This will be one of those "seeds" that I plant in my garden for that money tree.

As far as the neighborhood goes, it’s going well! From this week to the end of the month my abilities as a "closer" will be tested, multiple times. I'll keep you all updated, but I may be able to celebrate with my friends earlier than expected! ; )

P.S. FEEDBACK would be much appreciated!

-Premature Millionaire