Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mid Week Candids

I don't know what other people do for lunch, but this is IT. In the office, by myself, devouring whatever sub that Publix has to offer. Oh wait, "This American Life" plays the soundtrack for me so I'm NOT sentenced to hearing what my sister describes as a "cow chewing".

This is a BIG porrtion of my DAILY routine at work. Every morning putting up directional signs to attract buyers. PLEASE don't think its easy! It usually ends in sweat and dirty heels (digging into the dirt can do that). On this moring I got smart though! Instead of me parking illegally, running out to stake signs, and becoming exhausted I hired my younger cousin for the job. It only cost me a ride to her school, and breakfast! My "wheeling and dealing" does not stop at the closing table!

These are my most important selling tools. EVERY female Realtor should have these. Do not let the various heels fool you, these puppies have been here since the beginning. If I ever need to find them they are under my desk, on the drivers side of my car or in my "carry it ALL" purse!

-Premature Millionaire