Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heavy is the Crown

I think that's self explanatory, the crown is heavy. See the problem is people strive to get to whatever position it is that they want, and when they get there they have to keep the momentum to STAY! Who thinks about that while getting to that spot, and says: "When I finally make a million in sales, I'm going to have to do it all again in order to celebrate next time". It would seem that once that position is gained the ride should be care free, it’s not.

My crown is heavy. I worked to get this neighborhood, and not in the last month either. Everything in my life has been altered to accommodate this moment. This was not an accident, I prepared for this! Now that I'm here I can't sit and wait for these homes to become occupied on their own. (Although the daydreamers side of my braid fantasizes about 10 or so of them vanishing from the "Available" sheet in a week.) I’ve got to WORK to see progress, no one cares about this neighborhood more than I do right now. Not even the builders. It’s my baby now. So when I put on my crown, daily, it will still be heavy-but at least I can afford to put fancy rubies, and diamonds on it. Yes, this will increase the weight, but my head gets stronger as the crown grows heavier.

There are two things in life you can do: settle, for the "norm" OR you can travel the road not taken.

I was introduced to the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by a prominent Realtor in my town. This book as he described, "will change your way of thinking". After reading it I agree that it could change someone's mind, but not so much mines. Mainly because my father had been instilling the same thought process my WHOLE life. Unbeknownst to him he had been loosely quoting Robert Frost every time he said "you’re taken the road not taken". With a clear brain this book can open your mind to the idea that the struggle is long, but the wealth will come.

There are a few people that I know personally, or through other people that I think are traveling a road not taken, only to end up with a heavy crown, but these folks can carry it, I think. Maybe it’s their big heads, or tenacious attitudes, but they inspire me.  So I've decided to dedicate a portion of the next few blogs to them. (Be warned that if I made a list of ALL the people that inspire me, it'd take a day to read.)

The first is my sister:

So Bianca has got to be the hardest working college student that I know. She graduated number one from the biggest technical school in town and her countless school associations, awards and status granted her NO scholarships as she headed to Business school.


(There are 23 to be exact)

THIS was more than a set back.

Up until Business school she had been debt free, and we (my family) knew that one of ALL of the big wigs that all but guaranteed her scholarship money would come through. She had proven herself to be more than bright enough, being the President of Phi Theta Kappa, on the Deans List, and invited to the Governors mansion, etc all seemed like a clear indication that she was on her way to a debt free college education. ALL of a sudden none of the people that were so impressed by her seemed to be able to help out. The crown of excellence she had garnered was now heavy, the student loan amounts were adding up. This story could easily end with Bianca just having a two year degree, but she decided to wear the crown, not pass it on to another owner. This year she's graduating with an Accountant Degree from one of the best Business schools in the country, debt free, headed to Law School. She also works part time at a courthouse, has her real estate license and a paralegal degree. Not bad.

The point is, the going got tough, as do most stories. She could have ended up in a NORMAL job, making NORMAL pay, living a NORMAL life. Since she didn't give up, I'm certain we will be seeing her as our President sometime in the future.

-Premature Millionaire