Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In 2 minutes I have become a blogger!

I suppose to some people this could feel weird, but not to me. I’m an avid Twitterer (I wonder if that’s a word) its described as "mini-blogging" and its my addiction. Also I saw Julia and Julie (I’m obsessed with Meryl Streep) and Julia seemed to really enjoy sharing her life with strangers, why not me!?

I’m trying to figure out my direction with this blog... I really don’t know what to do, because I’ve never actually read a "real" blog. I’m really good at winging it so that’s the premise I guess.

By the Way: that was the disclaimer!

Today I walked into the weekly sales meeting, apprehensive, to say the least. Being the only 20 year old black girl in Real Estate functions is something im used to. That bothered me the first 6 months, now its my "role",  i sit quietly, nod my head approvingly and make corny jokes on my way out. Today was different though, it was my FIRST sales meeting with my new company. Out of 15 people, I knew 4. Better than zero.

I’ve just inherited a neighborhood in an established community, and if you know real estate you know new neighborhoods can be a cash cow of sorts.

Notice I didn’t say new, of course its "new" to me, much like clothes from a consignment shop. The neighborhood is nice of course in the low 200s to 270s, All brick may I add. Essentially this should be a jewel to sell, but there’s ONE problem. It sits behind another neighborhood that’s in the same community. This "other" neighborhood is composed of mostly vinyl homes which can deter a potential buyer. So its my job to get people past that dilemma and onto one that I refer to as "under-writing", the killer of all killers.

This is the state I’m currently at. My long time mentor, and surrogate mother in many cases, just stopped by to wish me good luck and success, and a few tips on getting past this milestone. So I suppose this blog will track how well my progress goes, and also serve as motivation for the days that it seems hopeless. A reminder that "this" position is what SUCCESS feels like.

So I suppose whoever decides to check in with this will somehow find encouragement through my mishaps and incorrect punctuations.

I’m not certain how blogging etiquette or rules go but I don’t want to be too long winded and scare off lazy people, so Ill stop here.

It would be funny if no one read this, on second thought-it wouldn’t be!

P.S. Ira Glass’ voice seems to do something with the creative side of my brain.

-Premature Millionaire